Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning and Gourmet Cobbler

Today Sean and I saw another movie at Academy Theatre in Pasadena, the $2 movie place. Places like this are a real find because let's face it, movie prices are ridiculous. Paying $11.50 each to see a movie plus at least another $10 for popcorn and a soda makes me ill. So spending a whole whopping $4 today at the theatre was awesome and Sunshine Cleaning was really good which makes it even better. This is by the same people who did Little Miss Sunshine and it definitely feels similar, but not in a copy cat way. Even though it is comedic, it's a bitter sweet sort of comedy. There are points where I was teary-eyed and other parts where I laughed out loud. I thought it was very effective and touching and showed real family relationships in all their complexity. I never felt manipulated which is important to me because some movies seem to try to make you cry or have specific emotions; it's like emotional blackmail. I did not feel that way with this movie at all, it felt very genuine.
After the movie we were walking back to the cars when we smelled something yummy and noticed people going into this tiny shop on Catalina Ave. We opened the door to The Gourmet Cobbler Factory, and it smelled like home, but home where someone knows how to make many different kinds of cobbler and other down home goodies. They have apple, peach, boysenberry, blackberry, blueberry, and mixed berry cobblers as well as sweet potato pie, lemon meringue, pecan pie... I could go on and on. We took home a mixed berry cobbler and ate it for dessert and let me tell you, it is GOOD. A little tart with a nice crust and big juicy berries, YUM! We had it with ice cream, but it would have been good all on it's own. I will definitely go back there and try something different next time. Click here to visit their website: . It looks like you can order online if you don't live nearby, I highly recommend you try them. It wasn't cheap but since we saved money on the movie we could splurge a little on the cobbler and I'm really glad we did!

Both Sunshine Cleaning and Gourmet Cobbler Factory deserve 4 Monkees!

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