Monday, May 25, 2009

Observe and Report

We saw this at the $2 theater in Pasadena (Academy Cinemas). Seth Rogen is really good as the dimwitted Ronnie Barnhardt. This is no Paul Blart here. Ronnie is a bi-polar security guard (excuse me, Head of Mall Security) who longs to be a real cop. We see the passion that Ronnie has for his job and the girl at the cosmetics counter (Anna Farris as Brandi) when a pervert shows up at the mall. Brandi and others are flashed by this menace which leads to Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta) being assigned to the case. In his quest to find this pervert, Ronnie is aided by a "crack" bunch of rent-a-cops (Two tubby asians, an effeminate hispanic, and a red-headed version of Matt Damon). Along the way, Ronnie realizes that he wants to be all that Harrison is, so he sets out to take the next step and actually apply to become a police officer. He is supported by his Mother (Celia Weston) and a gimpy barista (Collette Wolfe).

The characters are pretty well developed, and I found myself liking the ones I was supposed to like. The plot and dialog was mostly believable, and it moved pretty well. Kudos to Jody Hill for a fine writing and directing job. I would definitely recommend this movie to anybody who is able to catch it at a discounted matinee or movie house. If you can't find such a bargain, make sure you rent it when it goes to DVD. You won't be disappointed.

Observe and Report earns the right to remain 3 Popes!

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  1. I plan to see this. My son told me it was a far darker comedy than the previews made it appear, and I love a good black comedy.