Monday, June 22, 2009

La Unica

Ah, what can I say about La Unica? This is a little hole in the wall in Santa Maria I've been going to for litterally 20 years at least. I first found it when I worked in a pizza joint next door to it and we'd get lunch there to break up the monotony of pizza every darn day. They have the usual Mexican food; tacos, burritos, tostadas, etc, but everything just tastes really good. The beans have lard in them like real refried beans should, the salsa is hot, the meat all has a lot of flavor. I normally get chicken, but I've had the beef also. We were in Santa Maria for my birthday and that Saturday (June 6th) we were out and about all day and finally back in town decided we were starving and couldn't wait for dinner to eat. So we stopped at La Unica to get something. Now, I'd been intending to take Sean there the last few times he came home with me but we never made it there. This time we finally made it and since we didn't want to eat anything too big we decided to share a burrito. We'd just had a supposedly world famous burrito at Freebirds the day before, but this one was better than that by a mile (in my opinion). It was a Tri Tip burrito and the meat was really good, nice sized chunks with beans and rice and salsa. The burritos there are HUGE, usually I have left overs and even sharing I could barely finish my half. Karla got a quesadilla because there's honestly not much a veggie can get there; as I mentioned the beans have lard. We also got a taco to take home to my mom as a snack. Sean really liked the burrito and wants to go back to try something else next time we are in town. I can honestly recommend them to anyone who likes unpretentious, good Mexican food that is reasonably priced. They are located at 2350 South Broadway in a shopping center that also has a Starbucks, the phone number is (805) 346-2433 but they don't have a website for me to link to. Check them out if you are in town, you won't be sorry!
They also get 4 our of 5 Monkees!

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