Thursday, June 18, 2009

La Baguette - Bahn Mi virgin no longer

My good friend and neighbor wanted to get some Vietnamese sandwiches the other day. Being the adventurous soul I am, I decided to tag along and try them. Although I grew up a short distance from Little Saigon in Orange County, I've only recently had Pho, and that was it for my experience with Viet cuisine. We went to to find one of Reseda's hidden treasures - La Baguette.

The restaurant is located in an area of Reseda that has quite a few Asian, especially Vietnamese, businesses. Upon entering the establishment, I came face to face with a most imposing menu. There were 40 plus Vietnamese named items to order. Fortunately, all of the items had spiffy English translations underneath. The guy running the counter was friendly and helpful, so I was able to figure out what I wanted. I ordered something called banh mi thit nuong which is a grilled pork sandwich. I got it mild, so it contained pickled radish and cilantro. Fittingly, it's served on a warm baguette. It was pretty darn tasty. We also got an appetizer - shrimp flakes on beans, served on a steamed rice pad. This was just okay. We also got a nice little dessert (sweet sticky rice and adzuki beans) and two drinks - all for $10.50!!! You can't get something this good for two people for this price anywhere but at a place like this.

Good tastes for a good price - La Baguette deserves 4 Popes.

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  1. I freaking love Vietnamese sandwiches. So damn good and usually so damn cheap. Now I want one.